Alexandr Trubetskoy

'Washington, D.C.-based geographer'—Huffington Post Canada

As a full-time student, I attend James Madison High School in Fairfax County, Virginia. As a geography and data nerd, I make maps in my free time. These maps are inspired by the world around me and focus on whatever topic happens to be on my mind. Most of my visitors come from Reddit, where I often submit my maps. Every now and then a map of mine becomes popular and gets publicity; those interested can see my work or get in touch through this website.

Contact me or view my maps. Scroll down for more information on my methods, techniques, data sets, etc.


God is in the detail.

In making my maps, I use GIMP for the graphics end and Google Sheets for the data end. I do not currently use any of the professional statistics programs out there, including R. I do not have any data sets to share, except for any spreadsheets I may have used in the making of the maps. All of my maps are made entirely "manually" using plain old raster graphics, so I do not have any vector shapefiles to share, either. Now that I am applying to college, expanding my set of tools is something that I am looking into. Currently all I need is a simple spreadsheet and something like GIMP or Photoshop to make it all look pretty. After all what I have works well. My projects are just a hobby, for now at least. My plan is to study data science and human geography so that I can expand the data-driven aspect of my work, hopefully with applications in business or public policy.