by Alexandr Trubetskoy

Posted on 3 November, 2014 at 9:00 PM

There have been many proposals for states and territories to be added to Australia, many of which were brought up during the era of Australian imperialism.

The late 1800s saw many Australian politicians, particularly those from Queensland and Victoria, petition London to annex neighboring Pacific islands without much success. While the territories were worthless to London, many Australians saw them as tokens that confirmed a new Australian Empire.

Included in this map is every significant colony proposal, imperialist annexation, or other statehood movement with any reasonable amount of support.

Not included are states proposed in a complete re-draw of Australia's state borders, such as this fanciful proposal.

Also ignored are external territories like Norfolk Island and Christmas Island, as well as the Jervis Bay Territory.

The state of Pilbara (actually composed of the Pilbara and Kimberley regions) fulfills the proposals for both a "Northwest Australia" and an Aboriginal state.

Statistics for new states (sortable)

StatePopulationArea (sq. km)Pop. densityGDP ($A mil.)GDP per capitaCapital
Australian Capital Territory385,6002,358163.551,171132,705Canberra
Central Australia49,200551,3050.13,10063,008Alice Springs
East Timor1,172,40014,87478.81,4701,254Dili
New England773,400200,6933.933,98943,948Tamworth
New Guinea5,299,000234,80022.611,5002,170Lae
New South Wales5,779,500398,01614.5387,80067,099Sydney
North Island3,422,000113,72930.1166,10048,539Wellington
Northern Territory191,600869,6650.223,839124,421Darwin
Papua1,967,000228,0008.65,9903,045Port Moresby
Princeland228,600109,0272.111,80051,619Mount Gambier
Riverina430,900181,1752.417,65040,961Wagga Wagga
South Australia1,567,000997,7491.688,70056,605Adelaide
South Coast186,30067,8972.78,97548,175Bega
South Island1,048,200150,4377.047,70045,507Christchurch
New Hebrides266,90012,19021.96532,447Port Vila
Western Australia2,253,800534,5004.2173,02176,769Perth